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Finally some updates!

It’s been FOREVER since I have done a few updates. I finally have had some time to do a few minor ones.

A new photo gallery has been added titled: “Sunsets”. In this gallery are some of my favorite sunset photos I have taken with my digital cameras over the last few years.

I’ve also added a few new model horse photos of customs I have painted.

I hope to add more photography images soon.

Thanks for taking the time to view my work.

Corrie- 🙂


Photo cards and prints now available on Etsy!


My photo cards and prints are now available on Etsy. When purchasing from my Etsy store you are buying directly from me. I have tried to keep my prices as affordable as possible so that everyone can enjoy my work should they choose to. I will take custom orders on prints and photo cards if an image you see is not available. Please note that my artwork will not be available as photo cards on Etsy. They will be available as prints only. Photo cards of my artwork are available on Fine Art America.

Prints now available on Fine Art America

Prints of some of my works are now available on Fine Art America. These include drawings, paintings and photography. If there is a particular piece that is not currently offered on Fine Art America that you are interested in purchasing a print of please let me know and I will add it for you.


The Secretariat colored pencil piece is finished and I’ve now started on a full body drawing of him in race tack. Most of the cleaned up finished sketch is completed and will be transferred to mat board soon to begin in color.



Secretariat WIP

I started another new project. I got quite a bit done in just one night. I want to do several portraits of race horses in colored pencil on mat board and Secretariat being my favorite racehorse was a good place to start. I will be offering prints of these when they are finished.


Here he is so far. Still quite a bit to do, but off to a good start!


Secretariat Colored Pencil WIP

Secretariat Colored Pencil WIP

Another new painting…

Entitled “Summer Swing” this will be one of 4 in a series of the same view, in different seasons. 11 x 14 water color on Canson watercolor paper.

A new piece finished

When I made the decision to get back into painting, I knew I wanted to get into landscape painting, which I have not done in ages. Using some photos I took in the Berkshires this year I created the piece “Berkshire Barn” This was a great practice piece for me to get back into. I’m looking very forward to working on my next landscape piece to be entitled, “The Red Barn”

Nearly there!

Several more galleries have been added today including Landscapes in Photography and several galleries of model horses I have painted by color.

I will be scanning and getting imagery soon of my 2D artwork, which I will be creating galleries for.

Thanks for viewing my work!


It was about time that I made myself a new website. Its hard to believe that I first purchased my intothesunstudio domain name in 2006. My site was sadly outdated and in need of new material and a step in the right direction.

My love for photography has grown and finally after several years of not producing 2D art, I am back in the swing of things. I am currently working on several new pieces which I hope to add to my galleries soon and I will be adding some older pieces as well.

To those of you who follow the model horses I paint, I will still be customizing models, but they will be few and far inbetween at the moment. I will be adding some photos of my work soon.

Thanks for taking the time to stop in. I hope you enjoy the new as much as I already do!